Well Installation in Butler County, KS

windmillWhen it comes to water systems, Flint Hills Windmill & Well Pump is the area’s foremost authority on just about everything involved with them! From well and pump services, to line installations and repairs, to pond services and more, count on us for exceptional workmanship and reliable results at all times.

Well Services

Our experienced team is equipped to provide you with complete well services, from inspections and water testing, to repairs and well installation in Butler County, KS. Whatever it takes to keep your potable water clean and safe and your well in good condition, we’re prepared to deliver service.

  • Well installation
  • Well inspections
  • Re-activation and re-casing

*Please note that we do not offer well drilling but can contract this service to trusted partners.

Pump Services

We offer a complete line of electric water pumps for irrigation, domestic home use and even water features. We are proud distributors for Flowise, Grundfos, Pentair and a variety of other trusted manufacturers. Whether you need an entire system installed, an existing one repaired or just sump pump service in Butler County, KS, count on us. Our abilities and expertise span a broad range, including:


Waterline and Sewer Line Repair

As water and sewer experts, we’re well-equipped to deal with your repair and installation needs. We offer all of the following:

  • Trenching:
    Our fleet of earthmoving equipment is ready to be deployed to trench out line installations on your property. Count on us to work quickly and always deliver results that are up to code.
  • Backhoe and dirt work services:
    When it comes to general earthmoving—for water lines, electrical utilities and hydrants—call on us and give yourself complete peace of mind. We’re familiar with the work necessary for new installs and repairs alike.
  • Sewer line clean out and repair:
    Keeping your lines free and clear is important to maintaining the integrity of your water systems. Let us clean and repair your lines to prevent costly and dangerous backflow situations.

Other Services

Thanks to decades of experience working with water systems and peripheral products, we’re also your go-to resource for a number of additional services, including:

  • Automatic water systems
  • Pond services
  • Water filtration system installation
  • Windmills (installation and maintenance)

Need well, pump or water/sewer line services? Make the call to Flint Hills Windmill & Well Pump and get the types of results that only a century of expertise can ensure! Contact us today at 316-778-1191.

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