Expert Plumber in Butler County, KS

Plumbing problems—no matter how big or small—need quick solutions before they get worse. If you’re facing a plumbing issue in your home, Flint Hills Windmill & Well Pump is ready to get to work in solving it. As a Master plumber in Butler County, KS, we’re able to provide you with all of the essential residential plumbing services you need to have peace of mind.

Problems with your plumbing after hours? We know that issues can arise at any time, which is why we also offer 24-hour emergency services! Give us a call day or night and we’ll come to your aid, fixing plumbing problems whenever they occur.

General Installations and Repairs

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For general plumbing service in Butler County, KS, you won’t find a more qualified professional! We’re able to fix leaks, install new plumbing and fixtures, repair plumbing issues, unclog drains and toilets, and much more. Save yourself the trouble of DIY plumbing solutions or ineffective store-bought products and let us install professional solutions that keep your plumbing safe and sound.

Drain Cleaning

Slow drains, clogged drains or drains making strange noises shouldn’t be neglected—they’re bound to erupt into bigger problems! We’ll gladly perform drain cleaning services to make sure your drains are working properly and free of any debris, blockages or foreign objects that might cause you costly headaches in the future.

Sewer Lines Services

Problems with your sewer line are never simple, which makes routine cleaning and inspections paramount. Give us a call to have your lines inspected and, if we find anything, cleaned. We take the utmost care in detecting problems before they become severe, so you can use your home’s plumbing with total peace of mind.

Water Heater and Filtration

Potable water in your home isn’t something to take for granted. Let our team make sure your water heater and any filtration fixtures are properly installed, serviced and maintained. We’ll make sure you have hot water on-demand and that everything coming out of your taps and faucets is totally safe and perfectly pure.

If you have plumbing needs, Flint Hills Windmill & Well Pump is ready to meet them. Give us a call at any time, day or night, for expert plumbing service. Reach us at 316-778-1191.

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